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  • Cant see any options while creating a issue in Zendesk JIRA ?

    Yes for JIRA on Cloud it should be API Token compulsory. If they use password JIRA API will return null.

  • I recently set up an integration to connect Asana tasks to Zendesk tickets. What I'm finding is that when my associates link or create new tasks from Zendesk to Asana, they display on Zendesk as if I am the one who created this link. Is there a way to have these display as the appropriate creator?

    Yes, Please create a separate account in Asana for our integration then tasks will be linked or created under that new user.

  • Where is the pricing?

  • How to update credit card ?

    Either chat with us or send an email to support

  • Does your connector work on all Jira version?

    Our solution works with all version's Just signup on and enter your ZD and JIRA credentials and install the ZD app.Let us know in case you run into issues

  • Can i find Customer Reviews?

  • Permission Error on JIRA. Cannot Create JIRA Issue.Reporter specified does not have permission

    Hi. The JIRA account that you have used for the setup does not have permissions to create the JIRA issue.Please add the permissions for the create issue.You can look at the following link on how to add the permission.

  • We got an error when clicking submit on the IntegrateCloud App?

    If you get some error on the app,please copy the error and send it to support

  • What JIRA version's do you support?

    Our solution works with all version's of JIRA On-Premise as well On-Demand.

  • What is the monthly cost for unlimited monthly transactions?

    For our Unlimited monthly transactions plan please email us at support

  • If we get following error "Invalid Credentials/Subdomain URL" on Zendesk Authentication page?

    You are likely to have this error when your Zendesk account is not enabled to use. You need to do some changes in your Zendesk account and here are the steps to follow:- Login to your Zendesk account and do the following changes Step1:- Go to Settings Step2:- Channels-->; Click on API Step3:- Here you will see Enable Password option you need to enable that option.

  • Is it possible comments we add in ZD automatically updates in Jira & vise versa?

    Yes.Infact all kind of customization's are possible.Once the ticket is linked you can add something in internal notes and it will automatically reflect in JIRA comments.The same is true vice versa.

  • How do I connect zendesk to Jira? I mean how can I move a ZD ticket to Jira from ZD interface?

    Create a ticket and then escalte it as displayed in the screenshot.

  • Where do I install the Zendesk App?

    Search for Integratecloud in the Zendesk Marketplace and install it.

  • Can we link an existing ZD ticket to an existing JIRA issue?

    Yes.We have a screen where you input your Zendesk and JIRA ticket id and it will get link.We can also bulk update to link multiple Zendesk and JIRA tickets together if you can give us the list.

  • Can you provide more information regarding how you control privacy/security of our ZendDesk/JIRA information?

    All the information transmitted through integratecloud from Zendesk to JIRA is secured through SSL which means all information is encrypted.

  • What are Customized Mappings?

    Customized Mappings allows you to map any of your Zendesk system or custom fields to any of your JIRA system or custom fields through support any kind of mappings between Zendesk and JIRA with any kind of complex workflow.

  • What is a transaction?

    If you create a ticket in Zendesk and send it to JIRA that is considered as 1 transaction. Now when you add some comments in JIRA for linked ticket and send back to Zendesk its considered as 1 transaction. So total 2 transactions. Every time integratecloud sync comments or any piece of information from Zendesk to JIRA or Vice Versa that will be considered as transaction.

  • How would we create a new JIRA ticket manually from ZD?

    This is done through our Zendesk App which sits on the Sidebar whereby you can escalate any Zendesk ticket to JIRA project. Following is a screenshot:

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