• Can you show me how to escalate the ticket to JIRA

    Yes Please check this GIF how our app would allow you to send tickets to JIRA.IntegrateCloud App

  • How does the IntegrateCloud App look like

    Our solution is an App which sits on the Zendesk dashboard as given in the screenshot and our solution works with all versions

  • What are Customized Mappings?

    Customized Mappings allows you to map any of your Zendesk system or custom fields to any of your JIRA system or custom fields through integratecloud.com.We support any kind of mappings between Zendesk and JIRA with any kind of complex workflow.

  • Key Features

    Automate sharing of data between Zendesk and JIRA.Customized field mappings between Zendesk and JIRA.Bidirectional syncing between Zendesk and JIRA.Reporting of each every Ticket linked between Zendesk and JIRA.

  • What is a integratecloud.com Zendesk App?

    integratecloud.com Zendesk App is a tool that sits on your Zendesk Side bar whereby you can escalate a Zendesk ticket to any JIRA project. For example See the Screen Shots:

    Zendesk App

  • Why IntegrateCloud

    No Need to Install or Download Anything.Seamless connect between Zendesk and Atlassian JIRA.1 minute sync between Zendesk and Atlassian JIRA.4 Easy Steps to GetStarted.Rock Solid Integration platform as a Service.Free 30 day trial with no credit card info required. 

  • What is IntegrateCloud.com?

    IntegrateCloud is an Integration as a service that allows bi-directional syncing of information between Zendesk and Atlassian JIRA.Our Integration platform is designed to integrate Customer Service Software like Zendesk to Enterprise bug track system like On-Demand and On-Premise Atlassian JIRA..

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