• FreshDesk-Asana APP

    FreshDesk Asana Connector

    Connect your customer support software FreshDesk and bug tracking tool Asana.

    Create Task from FreshDesk in Asana.

    How a Task is created from FreshDesk, which are the details provided by default & The Complete Processes is explained below with an example so that user can see & feel the simplicity of our App.

    • For example, after a customer reports a bug, the agent can file a bug in Asana directly from your FreshDesk. After fixing the bug, a developer can add a comment to the task directly from Asana which is most important to solve the communication gap.

    IntegrateCloud FreshDesk Asana Integration App

    • FreshDesk Asana Connector.
    • Quick steps
    1. Sign up for FreshDesk or use your existing account.
    2. Get the App and Install it into FreshDesk.
    3. Configure the app with your account name.
    4. Open a FreshDesk ticket, click Apps, sign in.
    5. Click to create a Task or Link to an Existing Task.
    • Using the integration in FreshDesk Support.

    As an agent, you can create a Task from a ticket, or link to an existing Task from a ticket. You can then use the link to track the progress made by the product team on addressing the issue. For example, within FreshDesk Support you can view details about a bug you filed in Asana.

    • Know How to use the App.

    In the App we have 4 Options.

    1. Create Task
    2. Link
    3. Notify

    01. Creating Task.

    • When clicked on the Create Task button it loads Work Space & Project Name which user needs to select from the drop-down.

    Create Asana Task.

    • Adding details in the Asana Task such as Assignee Name, Followers, Due Date etc.

    Asana Task Details.

    • As the User adds the details & Click on Create Task button, it will show the message “The Ticket Id Is Successfully Send to Asana Project. New Asana Task Id”

    Asana Task Created Successfully

    • User can click on the Asana Task Id in the message the page ill be redirected to the Task.




    FreshDesk Task in Asana

    02. Link

    FreshDesk Asana Connector

    • User can Link 1 or multiple Task to a Single FreshDesk Ticket.

    Link Asana Task

    • As Task is Linked Successfully Message is received as “The Asana task id linked to FreshDesk ticket successfully. “

    Linked Successfully

    03. Notify.

    • Notify button allows User to send notification message into the Asana Task.

    Notification sent to Asana

    • Notification sent Successfully message is received at the end of the popup.

    Asana Notification Sent Successfully

    • Notification received in Asana Task.


    Notification Received In Asana

    • For more information please refer to the below link.

    Install app

    • To install the app please click on the following.

    How to setup

    Use FreshDesk Asana Connector. See the App in action.

    FreshDesk Asana Connector.

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