• How to use the App (Step 4 - Setup Trial)

    How to Use the app.                

    1. Click on the Message Office Team.
    2. Add the Required Data.
    3. Send the message by clicking on Send Office Team Message and then message is sent.

  • Setup App by IntegrateCloud (Step 3 - Setup Trial)

    Setup App by Integratecloud.

    How to Setup Zendesk Office Team App by Integratecloud.

    • Login to Zendesk Account.
    • Click on Views.
    • Open a ticket.
    • Find the Zendesk Office Team App by Integratecloud on Right Side Bar.
    • Click on Microsoft button 

    By Clicking on Microsoft Office Button User will be redirected to Microsoft Office Account Login page. (The account that grant access to the App must be an Administrator of a Business or an Institution Account. Personal Account would not work)

    • Login into your Microsoft Office Account.
    • Authenticate your Zendesk Account and you can see the Authentication Success Message.

  • Install App by IntegrateCloud (Step 2 Setup Trial)

    Install App by IntegrateCloud.  

    Step A. Login to your Zendesk Account.

    Step B. Click on Admin Menu.

    Step C. Click on Manage - - -> Upload Private App to upload and install your private app in your instance of Zendesk Support.

    Step D. Enter the App Name & Zip File & Click Upload.

    Step E. Once the upload is complete Click on Install Button.

    Step F. Once the installation is complete you can see the App in Manage.

    Step G. Please follow below instructions for enable API Access by using Username and Password.

    1. Login to Zendesk using admin credentials.

    1. Select API under Channels tab and under settings table please check Password Access enable or not. If not enable please enable it.

  • Download Zendesk OfficeTeams App by IntegrateCloud (Step 1-...

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