• How to Review in zendesk marketplace( zendesk-DevOps)


    Please find below steps to review zendesk-DevOps app from zendesk marketplace.

    1) Click on here  https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/integratecloud-connector-for-vsts/  and its redirects to zendesk marketplace.

    2) click on reviews as shown below

    3) click on sign in to review as shown below


    4) once signed  it will show the 5 stars rating  and comment section,please fill and submit it.


  • Update Zendesk Credentials in the VSTS App

    Whenever you dont see the attachments or the description of Zendesk getting populated in the App it means the Zendesk credentials that were used in the setup has expired or changed.Follow these steps to update the same:

    1.Generate Zendesk Api token using the following steps

    To generate an API token

    1. Click the Admin icon () in the sidebar, then select Channels > API.
    2. Click the Settings tab, and make sure Token Access is enabled.
    3. Click the button to the right of Active API Tokens.
    4. Enter a description under API Token Description as IntegrateCloud VSTS app The token is generated, and displayed for you:


    5. Copy the token and store it in a safe place.We will need later.

    6. Now go to the VSTS app and click on the gear icon and click on Zendesk credentials

    7. Once you click on the Zendesk credentials you will see the Zendesk credentials page.Enter your email in the following format abcemail@youremail.com/token and in the password put the token you copied