• Download Zendesk Private App

    Downloading Private App.

    Step 1.        Login to your Zendesk account. For Example integratecloud.zendesk.zom

    Step 2.        Click on settings button.

    Step 3.         In settings Click on Manage button, on right side on manage you will find already installed Integratecloud Private App.   

    Step 4.         Right Click on the Private App you want to download and Click the Download button.

    Step 5.         Go to https://integratecloud.azuredesk.co/SupportHome/Index.aspx page & Click on Submit Request Page.

    Step 6.         Include the necessary data as Email Id, Subject & Description, then attached the private app zip file. And click on Submit Request. The ticket will be crated.

    Step 7.         Once the ticket gets created User can see the message as “Request Submitted Successfully”  

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